The Wet n Wild Highlighters Literally Everyone Loves Will Come in Palette Form

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Chances are, even strobe-a-phobes have succumbed to the charms of Wet n Wild's MegaGlo Highlighters. The $5 powders have won fans of beauty junkies everywhere, since the drugstore brand's luminizers are pretty much the perfect storm of beauty wins: affordable, uberpigmented, long-lasting, and nearly blinding. And now, we've learned that MegaGlo, which only just entered Wet n Wild's permanent collection this past Summer, will be released in its own palette.

Wet n Wild made this announcement somewhat cryptically, via a sneak peek Boomerang on Instagram. The post didn't show off much, but we could see a slim, sleek palette being opened ever so slightly to reveal two gold and green hues.

It was enough to get us excited, but we needed more, and Kathleen Lights delivered. The vlogger took to her Instagram to show off the entire MegaGlo Highlighting Palette in all of its luminizing glory. Along with the aforementioned shades, this four-pan offering also includes a rose gold and seasonal icy blue that's making visions of sugarplums dance in our heads.

Kathleen wrote that overall, the colors were "a bit glittery" (as if that's a bad thing), but she admitted that the pink on the top left is her favorite. She also wrote in her caption that swatches are imminent, so we'll keep our eyes tuned to both her and the brand's social platforms and relay any news that may come.