5 Products That Transformed My Sunday Scaries Into Sunday Bliss

My Glamateur Past

I'm a long-time beauty writer. Next month, I'll have been at it for 12 years, and that doesn't take into account my amateur (or glamateur) preteen years prior to that, which I spent blowing my entire allowance and babysitting money on beauty products. Back then, I quickly progressed from drugstore skincare and soda-flavored lip balms, aka everyone's beauty gateway drug, to mall-purchased boutique body care, and eventually arrived at the holy grail of spa-like accoutrements: Bliss products. The brand's fun marketing, cute copywriting, and the fact that its extensive range of pampering products bring me pure joy with no fear of being judged. In no #konmari spree would I ever part with my favorite Bliss skincare and body items.

But even before self-care Sunday became a social media marketing tool, for me, the last beats of the weekend have always been a pampering kind of thing. It's my time to slow down from the paint and powder endgame (which is fun, but exhausting), and instead savor a little me time with products that soothe and hydrate. Even when I was little, I'd opt out of my family's weekly Chinese food dinner on Sunday evenings so I could enjoy some solo time masking, deep conditioning, and taking a bath before the busy week began.

The Day-to-Day Beauty Hustle

Because I test out products all the time and am a general beauty enthusiast, there's a lot involved in my day-to-day beauty hustle. Air-drying my hair has never been my reality, and when I see wet-headed gals on the subway commuting to work, I'm elated for them, but secretly I hope they acknowledge and appreciate their hair privilege. Under the best conditions, I can air-dry only before touching up with a curling iron. I engage in an elaborate skincare regimen morning and evening, which involves cleansing, toning, serums, moisturizer, and SPF during the day. Makeup-wise, I front-load my beauty routine with microbladed brows and lash extensions, but I still don foundation, blush, liner, and tinted lip balm daily. Just talking about it feels exhausting!

Finding My Bliss

I love taking it down a notch on Sundays. These days, my Sunday Scaries routine involves a relaxing bath, a hair wash, multi-masking, and changing my sheets so I can start the week fresh. I take a relaxing 20-minute bath and listen to music or podcasts (This is vital for beauty writers, as testing products in the bath/shower is a lot more fun with a soundtrack.) Sometimes I opt for an investigative podcast, but usually it's a bathtub karaoke kind of vibe. My Sunday night routine always included a Bliss product or two, but now, thanks to the new wallet-friendly price point, I can stock up on my faves and don't have to sacrifice my Sunday night indulgence for the sake of my budget. Plus, the vanity-friendly packaging means Bliss products don't have to take up precious real estate in my medicine cabinet, and instead live on the counter on display.

After years of finely tuning my routine, my ritual is finally one that brings me ultimate zen. I start the Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser ($12) because it removes even longwear foundation in a breeze without having to resort to a double cleanse. I follow that up with the Pore Patrol Deep Detox Souffle Mask ($16) on my T-zone and the Mighty Marshmallow Mask ($16) on my cheeks for a killer multi-masking combo. I like that neither mask is drying, so it doesn't make my face feel tight when I'm Instagram Storying — which is 50% of the fun of wearing a face mask. After all, if you didn't share it, did it even happen? Then, I indulge in a leisurely bubble bath with my long-time favorite, Lemon & Sage Soapy Suds ($10). The familiar scent calms me while the lather of the suds produces a satisfying bubble bath foam. After, I apply Lemon & Sage Body Butter ($12) without having to be rushed. The body cream hydrates my skin until my next shower, keeping my skin oh-so smooth. And now, you can shop all these products at Target, Ulta and Blissworld.com. Pure bliss, as it always was.

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