This New "Color Misting" Technique Is Like Tie-Dye For Your Hair

Another day, another ingenious and creative hair-dyeing technique. This time, it's color misting, and it's worlds away from using a can of semi-permanent neon dye at home.

Stephanie Lawrence from Londonderry, NH, is the genius color specialist behind the technique. Her feed is full of vivid colors and inspiration to keep you scrolling for days. When speaking to POPSUGAR, Stephanie said, "I was inspired by airbrushing. We see a lot of it with nails and even on clothes, but not with hair. My friend Stephanie Hodges did a color with an airbrush machine a while back, and it was beautiful. So, I've been thinking, 'What can I do to mimic it without the hassle of the machine?'"

Stephanie explained that to create the color mist formula, she dilutes Pulp Riot Color in water and sprays it randomly on a section of hair. She then mists another color over part of it and onto other pieces and continues with every color until the whole section has been saturated. She uses Framar Maniac Mesh and paper foils to hold the color in place so it continues to saturate without drying out.

"This technique is done best with Pulp Riot because of its lotion base — it's easy to mix with water without getting a chunky consistency — and it's made [of] premium dyes so it doesn't lose as much vibrancy when diluted as other lines, thus making your outcome vibrant but soft," she said. However, Stephanie noted that when the dye is diluted, it weakens the longevity of the color so, like with any pastel hair color, you shouldn't expect it to have a long life.

The final result looks like a combination of the holographic hair trend, which blends shades into a reflective rainbow, and funfetti.

Keep reading to get all the color mist inspiration, but be warned, you'll want to book a salon appointment stat.