What to Expect When You First Cut Bangs

Bangs can come with consequences. Luckily, Allure compiled a list of what happens postchop so you're not surprised.


After months of googling "Jane Birkin bangs," (see above for why I'm obsessed) I finally decided to take the plunge under the trusted scissors of hairstylist Matt Fugate. Eighteen inches (and maybe a glass of champagne) later and I was a new woman. While I knew that some things might change, I didn't realize quite how different life would be with bangs. Here's what you should expect:

1. No one will recognize you. Seriously, your best friends will walk right past you. You might even get a few reintroductions. Don't be offended. You now know who your real friends are.

2. People will touch them. For the first 24 hours, a few of my girlfriends patted them like there was a tiny baby bump on my forehead. "Are they real?" they purred. Yes, and if you don't get your greasy paws off of them, I'm gonna have to go have a serious moment with some dry shampoo.

3. People will ask why you got bangs. What they're really getting at is, "Did you just break up with your boyfriend?" If the case is no, make up something awesome (like covering a unicorn scar).

4. You will be assigned celebrity doppelgängers who bear absolutely no resemblance to you. "I'm getting Taylor Swift." "Has anyone ever told you you look like Carly Rae Jepsen?" "OMG you look just like Hannah Simone." No. And can I just point out that none of those people look anything alike?

5. Your clothes will look totally different. Suddenly that old coat in your closet went from a hand-me-down to "OMG is that vintage?" By the same token, that baby-doll top just went up about 500 baby-doll points.

6. You will be terrified of rain. And forehead sweat. Or any sweat. And now you know what blotting papers are for.

7. Mornings are not the same — and they never will be. Invest in a headband and dry shampoo, and learn the art of the bangs-only wash. And remember, the queen of bed head, Brigitte Bardot, didn't care if her bangs were a little messed up. Neither should you.

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