Hot Toddy Colored Hair Is Winter's Most Decadent Shade of Bronde

In my humble opinion, hot toddies are proof of a higher power. The indulgent (and more importantly, alcoholic) Winter drink is basically one of the only things that turns boring holiday parties at home tolerable.

There's just something so gosh darn cozy about throwing on a flannel and warming up with a piping hot glass of honey, lemon, and lots and lots of whiskey. Feel thirsty yet? Luckily, we've found something that will satisfy your craving: hot toddy hair.

It may seem counterintuitive to go blond for Winter, but certain rules are meant to be broken (remember how we used to not be able to wear white past Labor Day, either?). Read on for our favorite ways to rock hot toddy hair — these decadent looks just might give you a slight buzz!