Women Are Cutting Up Their Beautyblenders — You Won't Believe What's Inside

Just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to Beautyblenders, a very innovative Reddit user has gone and surprised us. Our friends at MIMI brought our attention to Redditor LadyofAcheron, whose curiosity got the better of her, causing her to cut her beloved Beautyblender in half. She wrote:

"Today while desperately trying to get the last bit of foundation out of my Beautyblender, I accidentally ripped a hole in it. I've always been curious how clean the inside of the sponge could actually get. For some reason I always thought it would be dirty in the middle, or even worse moldy! I decided now was the time to satisfy my curiosity and took a pair of scissors to the lil guy. The results surprised me! Besides the two spots I couldn't seem to get clean, it was spotless! So, now you know!"

There was a lot of surprise from other users on the thread, but another Redditor, Ingrid_OHmy, agreed. "I did this once with an old RT sponge and was surprised to find the same thing," she wrote. "Spotless! All foundation to be found was on the outside."

These examples confirm that as long as you properly clean and care for your Beautyblender, you can keep it in your makeup stash for up to three months. After that, repurpose the sponge for other beauty projects, like sponge-on nail art!