Snow Globe Nails Are the Newest Wacky and Wonderful Manicure Trend

Instagram | rileyellen_

We're constantly impressed by how nail artists push the boundaries of creativity. Painting hyperrealistic landscapes on tiny talons and re-creating ice cream cones on claws is mesmerizing, but then Instagram made us aware of an even more mind-blowing technique: snow globe nails, also known as water globe nails.

You may remember how everyone flipped for aquarium nails, which utilized two tips carefully glued together and filled with water, creating an itty-bitty aquatic world on the end of a fingertip. The concept of snow globe nails is similar, but instead of two tips, a dome is crafted out of gel polish. This is then glued to the surface of a nail and filled with glitter and water (or mineral oil) to make the flakes dance inside the globe.

Sure, it's probably not the most practical manicure trend out there (we can envision them getting caught on belt loops pretty easily). But the style is definitely innovative and fun — and an excellent conversation starter! See more examples of snow globe nails when you read on, as well as a video on how to make them yourself.

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