A Closer Look at B.J. Betts, the Man Caught Between Kat Von D and Jeffree Star

Beauty-lovers around the world are captivated by the controversy between former friends Kat Von D and Jeffree Star. While we ask that you formulate your own opinions on what happened between the two makeup mavens, we want to explain just who is at the center of the feud: B.J. Betts.

B.J. Betts is a tattoo artist and designer. He works predominantly out of Trademark Tattoo in Wilmington, DE, and State Street Tattoo in Kennett Square, PA. A visit to his online shop and his Instagram feed reveals how talented he is. Friend Kat Von D calls him a lettering and logo specialist, but he is a master of so much more. He creates everything from elegant script writing to delicate, hyperrealistic roses.

In case you aren't caught up on the drama between Kat and Jeffree, the key point of conflict is in regard to B.J. Kat claims that she introduced him to Jeffree, who then hired B.J. to design his logo for Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Kat has used B.J. for her own projects, most notably her YouTube series Beauty Chat and Muse of the Week, and has credited him in those videos.

Jeffree claims that he couldn't afford B.J.'s work and ended up using a different designer, but Kat thinks the vlogger stole B.J.'s original designs and failed to pay him. She commented in her video statement that "B.J. would call him and Jeffree blocked his phone." However, Jeffree says that he recently compensated B.J. for his work, which the artist acknowledged on Twitter.

Regardless of this clash's outcome, we hope that it brings nothing but positivity for B.J. The high-profile nature of Kat and Jeffree's disagreement is bound to bring this brilliantly talented artist more acknowledgment and, with that, more work.