Exclusive: Treat Your Lips Like Gold With Winky Lux's Latest Launch

Courtesy of Winky Lux
Courtesy of Winky Lux

If you're always looking for ways to make your beauty routine more glamorous, try coating your pout in gold. The Winky Lux 24kt Glimmer Balm ($16) takes the brand's popular color-changing balm to the next level with gold flecks.

Winky Lux's distinctive pill-shaped packaging went under a golden makeover for this new product and the revamped appearance makes the product look luxurious on your vanity. The balm itself looks like a solid gold lipstick, but appears as a sheer golden shimmer. When you swipe it on your lips, the balm adjusts to your pout's natural pH and changes to the perfect pink hue. The gorgeous balm is also formulated with vitamin E so the glamorous balm will make sure your pout feels as good as it looks.

Like all Winky Lux products, the balm is cruelty free, nontoxic, and free of parabens, so you can enjoy the product safely and guilt-free.

The limited-edition balm is available on Winky Lux's website so you can add it to your stash.