PSA: Winnie Harlow Doesn't "Suffer" From Vitiligo

Winnie Harlow is a model, activist, and even the inspiration for a line of dolls. The former America's Next Top Model contestant is known for many things, but there's something she doesn't want you to call her: a "Vitiligo sufferer." Though the Burt's Bees partner has the skin condition, she's speaking out against the way the media sometimes spotlights it.

In a recent Instagram post, Winnie shared a photo of a copy of the UK's Evening Standard, which referred to her as a "Canadian vitiligo sufferer." Winnie's impassioned caption read:

PSA: I'm not a "Vitiligo Sufferer." I'm not a "Vitiligo model." I am Winnie. I am a model. And I happen to have Vitiligo. Stop putting these titles on me or anyone else. I AM NOT SUFFERING! If anything I'm SUCCEEDING at showing people that their differences don't make them WHO they are! Do you see me suffering? The only thing I'm suffering from are your headlines and the closed minds of humans who have one beauty standard locked into their minds when there are multiple standards of beauty! The beach was damn fine that day, nothing to suffer about!"

We're giving a resounding hell yes to that statement, and we're not the only ones. Winnie's post was flooded with inspiring comments. One person wrote, "More like shining* . . . not suffering."

Another said, "Language and the words we choose are so important and impact people in serious ways regardless of the intent! Glad you're [speaking] to this and highlighting how we all need to be a bit more present and cognizant to our word choice when describing others!!!"

And from her many accomplishments, it's clear that Winnie is thriving!