This Real-Life Rapunzel Has Hair That's Probably Longer Than You Are Tall

When you think of "princess hair," the first thing that comes to mind is probably Kate Middleton's effortlessly chic blowouts. Turns out there's another kind of princess hair out there — and it comes straight from a fairy tale.

It all started 14 years ago, when Russia-based Daria Gubanova had a friend who bet her that she couldn't grow out her hair. Well, Gubanova sure showed her, because the 27-year-old's hair is now almost six feet long. According to Gubanova, she #cantstopwontstop growing her mane out until it touches her toes. It currently reaches down to her ankles, so she's well on her way.

Gubanova's decision not to visit a hair salon for almost 15 years has paid off in Instagram followers (she currently has over 22,000). We're impressed, even if this won't stop us from hitting up the salon regularly. Gubanova's just doing her thing, and we applaud the commitment. Ahead, see her most breathtaking looks. (PSA: watching Gubanova brush her hair in slow motion is the most weirdly calming thing you'll see all day).