Prepare to Be Thrilled and Terrified by This Epic Cara Delevingne Transformation

A video posted by Atrebor8 Makeup (@atrebor8) on

We've seen some pretty wild celebrity-inspired makeup transformations, but makeup artist Atrebor8's conversion into Cara Delevingne classifies as straight-up magic.

The artist, who shares her optical illusion makeup skills on Instagram, went beyond copying the bold eyebrows and distinct features of the model. In fact, she emulated every detail of Cara's face down to the furrow in her frown and the pucker of her lips. She topped off her incredible makeover with a blond wig and Cara's edgy red carpet poses and facial expressions, making the transformation all the more convincing. Let this makeover be proof that you can be anyone (or anything) you want, especially thanks to the power of makeup.