See What Oprah Looks Like With Glitter Brows and a Metallic-Lip Look

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YouTube | Disney Movie Trailers
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The trailer for Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle in Time, out in March 2018, is sort of like an Oprah meme for makeovers. It features a parade of familiar celebrities who are almost unrecognizable, thanks to their hair and makeup. In fact, if you're like us, you'll end up yelling, "You get a makeover! You get a makeover! You get a makeover!" at the screen in your best Oprah voice.

First off, there's Lady O herself, wearing what looks like a whole craft store's supply of glitter. Oprah's shining so bright here that we need to put on some sunglasses. Her bedazzled look includes gold-sequin eyebrows, electric-blue eye shadow with a crystal cat eye, and a metallic bronzed lip. This film has basically turned Oprah into a human glitter bomb, but the looks don't stop with Ms. Winfrey.

Reese Witherspoon also makes an appearance, although we had to do a double-take at first because she sports red hair in the trailer. Her golden copper strands look so good that they might as well go back in time and remake Legally Blonde to be about a redhead. In one shot, Reese wears her hair in two braids and her eyes close to reveal a strong bronze eye shadow. The monochromatic look radiates strength, and we love the idea of strong female characters who also happen to look glam as hell.

Mindy Kaling wears metallic-purple eye shadow and lipstick that looks so gosh darn pretty that we want to make it our computer background. We hope her whimsical Princess Leia buns are a nod to the late Carrie Fisher.

We're basically drooling over the artistry of this teaser trailer. Read on for these spectacular looks, which take movie makeup to the next level. March can't come soon enough.