Yara Shahidi Posted a Makeup-Free Selfie With an Empowering Message

Yara Shahidi has demonstrated how she can finesse an orange kohl pencil above her lids and sweep a purple pigment through her eyebrows. It's proof the talented actress and activist can pull off even the boldest makeup looks, but her latest Instagram post might just inspire you to skip yours completely.

Shahidi shared an unedited no-makeup selfie with an empowering message everyone should hear: "Happy Sunday from me and my skin that I've committed to love in every and all states 💕," she said. "With travel + work + 24/7 in makeup I have to actively remind myself to not sweat the details (aka the blemishes) and reframe it as a reminder to make sure I'm taking care of myself."

In a time where unrealistic beauty standards have become the norm and people can edit out imperfections with just a swipe on Facetune, the post serves as an important reminder to love and be kind to yourself. This isn't the first time Shahidi has swapped out her colorful makeup picks for a more pared-back look, either. Check out some of the star's other makeup-free selfies ahead, and soak in that message of self-love and acceptance.

Yara Shahidi's No-Makeup Selfie

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