The Secret to Zendaya's Poppin' Highlight Is This $5 Drugstore Product

Zendaya is openly a DIY beauty girl. She does her own makeup for red carpets and in general doesn't care what people think. Even as her star power grows, she stays down to earth, favoring one classic drugstore product: Aquaphor.

"So, I'm gonna let you in on what's making me hella happy lately. First up?! The ridiculously useful, fabulous, versatile Aquaphor!!! Here are all the ways I use it, from head to toe," she said on her new app.

We learned that the do-it-all balm helps her with everything from her flawless highlighter to her bold brows. Keep reading!

As a Highlighter

"I dab Aquaphor where I want my highlight to be. Then I put my highlighter on top and boom!"

As an Ointment

"I know it sounds weird, but sometimes I use it when I break out. It's like, for all things healing. Like with any kind of cut or scar, it helps heal."

As a Skin Soother

"Aquaphor is the best to soothe my hurt and crackly nose when I'm sick."

As a Lip Gloss

"It moisturizes my lips at all times and looks like clear gloss!"

As a Brow Gel

"I swear it works as a conditioner for my eyelashes and eyebrows."

As a Foot Cream

"Before I go to bed, I rub some of the magic on my heels to keep them soft."