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Mandy Gragg

Mandy is a San Francisco based fitness professional and writer. Originally from Sacramento, Mandy moved home to Northern California two years ago, after completing six years of service as a Marine Corps officer in San Diego post college. After working in finance for two years in San Francisco, Mandy realized her true talent and calling lay in fitness, writing, and mentorship. She began her journey into fitness through her blog, The Haute Sweat. After a year, it had received so much success that she was able to leave her career downtown to pursue personal training, group fitness, and blogging full time. As former Division I track & field athlete, Marine, and avid ultra-marathoner, Mandy brings a strong and motivational personality to her clients and readers, pushing them to reach beyond their comfort zone to become the strongest, happiest, and best versions of themselves. Mandy is an ACE-certified personal trainer, RRCA-certified Run Coach, and is currently working to continue her fitness & health education on a post-graduate level.

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