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There are plenty of stories driven by bad news these days, so I was relieved to find the University of Chicago's study, "Job Satisfaction in the United States." The study summed up the careers where workers are reportedly happiest overall, and found that these jobs involve helping others, technical and scientific expertise, or creativity. Here are the 10 occupations where the study found workers to have the greatest job satisfaction and overall happiness. Are you surprised at any of the jobs on the list?

10 Careers With the Happiest Workers

  1. Airline pilots and navigators
  2. Industrial engineers
  3. Miscellaneous mechanical and repairing occupations
  4. Science technicians
  5. Actors and directors

See the five happiest careers when you


  1. Special education teachers
  2. Architects
  3. Transportation, ticket, and reservation agents such as travel agents
  4. Firefighters
  5. Clergy


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