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10 Lucrative Jobs For New College Graduates

It's typically a good time to be in school during a weak economy, but it's not exactly the best time to be putting yourself on the job market for the first time. There are less jobs available and more competitive applicant pools for open positions, so new graduates would do themselves a favor to narrow their focus on professions that will have more open spots than most.

Authors Laurence Shatkin and Michael Farr just updated their book 200 Best Jobs for College Graduates to reflect today's job market, and Forbes looked at the top ten jobs on the list along with the typical starting salaries for each. Visit Forbes to learn more about the job descriptions and growth projections for these positions.

  1. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst, $40,100
  2. Sales Agent, Financial Services, $30,890
  3. Sales Agent, Securities and Commodities, $30,890
  4. Market Research Analyst, $33,310
  5. Public Relations Specialist, $29,580
  6. Cost Estimator (in construction and manufacturing), $32,470
  7. Educational, Vocational and School Counselor, $28,430
  8. Actuary, $48,750
  9. Paralegal and Legal Assistant, $28,360
  10. Computer Support Specialist, $25,950


Join The Conversation
Swammer Swammer 8 years
management consultant, anyone? entry-level positions start way above $40k....
brielleblonde brielleblonde 8 years
haha engineers make like 4 times those salaries... i dunno where their getting their info from...
hey1tsjenny hey1tsjenny 8 years
has it been that long since I've looked at these numbers? why does the pay look so low? has it been effected by the weak economy?
pioneers pioneers 8 years
Whoa! I'm #5 and the boyfriend is #4. nice.
melizzle melizzle 8 years
:sigh: I hate that I had to switch careers midstream. It's funny how quickly you fall back to entry level.
TidalWave TidalWave 8 years
number6_ed, it varies by location. I'm assuming they're showing averages.
number6_ed number6_ed 8 years
The income for school counselor is WAY different than what I make. First year for me is over $41,000.
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