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10 Questions to Save on the Guest List: Would You Use Them?

The average wedding guest list has 153 names on it, and 45 percent of a couple's wedding budget is spent on the reception venue, meaning this is one situation in which more is not always merrier. CNN published this list of 10 questions to ask about the people on your drafted guest list to aid in trimming it down.

The list's author says that a score of 50 percent or below allows you to cross that person off your guest list, those scoring between 50 and 60 percent are moved to a waiting list, and anyone scoring above 60 percent receives an invitation. She recommends throwing some of these questions into conversation during your engagement to get a feel for how well potential guests know you.

  1. Name the city I'm living in now.
  2. Name at least two of my closest friends.
  3. Name my current employer and my past employer.
  4. Do I have any kids?
  5. Do you know the name of my fiancé? Bonus question: Where and when did we meet?
  6. Do you know where my parents are and whether they are still alive?
  7. Name at least two of my hobbies.
  8. How old am I?
  9. Where did I go to college?
  10. Name my last boyfriend before this engagement. Bonus question: if you can name the last two and why we broke up. If you get the bonus question right, that might automatically get you in.


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