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AMEX Black Card Perks

Credit Card Perks For the Super Wealthy

The richest American Express cardholders (who hold the Centurion or black card) are about to find the process of negotiating for cars a lot easier. Privileged members will now be able to negotiate the price of a car through an AMEX website without even having reveal personal information online, according to the New York Times.  Wow, imagine not having to deal with the stress of haggling with the car dealer!

Out of curiosity, I went to check out some of the best perks offered by the black card. Here is a list of them:

  • Automatic upgrades in several airlines to business or first class
  • A 24/7 personal concierge who will do all your bookings and find that elusive bag that seems to be sold out everywhere
  • Personal shoppers at high-end department stores and extended shopping hours if you need more time
  • Instant hotel upgrades and late check out times
  • A complimentary air ticket for your partner on certain international flights if you buy a full priced ticket
  • Travel expert who will do all the bookings for you, find the best deals, and negotiate the best travel perks on your behalf

I know that these are credit card benefits that aren't realistic for most. After all, few can afford spending at least $250,000 a year. I'm wondering, if anything were possible (fees and spending minimums aside), what kind of credit card perk would you love to have?

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