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Did the Guy Who Built a Life From $25 Prove the Dream Is Alive?

Earlier this week, I told you about Adam Shepard, the guy who left his comfortable life to start again with $25 and a gym bag. The Today Show interviewed him yesterday morning, and I wanted to share the segment with you because they discuss some interesting points.

The Today Show host suggests that Adam's college education put him at an advantage and he admitted that was true, but reiterated his belief that the American Dream is alive and it's an "attitude" that isn't limited to a certain economic class. Something that stood out to me was when she asked him if he was ever nervous that he wouldn't make it, and he answered that he was nervous for his safety but didn't say whether he was worried about failing. I wonder if that confidence comes from his steadfast belief in the Dream, or if it lays in the fact that he has a back-up plan — his family's home in North Carolina and his college-educated background.

In his book, Adam writes, 'I aim to find out if the American Dream is still alive, or if it has, in fact, been drowned out by a clashing of the classes.' Do you think he accomplished his goal?

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