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Ask Savvy: Your Credit Questions Answered

Credit cards can be your best financial friend and your worst enemy. No matter how organized you are, staying within your limit, finding a card with an OK interest rate, and making payments is an ongoing challenge. I get questions every day from readers about how to manage and navigate offers and keep your credit score sky high. Here's a selection of my advice.

When Should I Cancel My Credit Card?

Can an Authorized Signer Affect My Credit Rating?

How Long Will Bad Debt Stay on My Credit Report?

Should I Keep a High Limit Credit Card I Don't Want?

What to Say When Asking For a Lower Interest Rate

Savings Tricks to Pay Off Debt

For my answers to six additional credit questions,


What Happens If My Husband Has Bad Credit, or No Credit at All?

How Do I Know If a Collections Agency Is Real?

Should I Cancel Idle Credit Cards?

Why Was My Credit Card Application Denied? Part I

Why Was My Credit Card Application Denied? Part II

Do I Really Need to Know My Credit Score?
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aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Great recaps.
Spectra Spectra 8 years
The main things I've learned about having a credit card are: always pay your full balance every month, don't keep a card you haven't used in a year or they'll charge you a fee just for keeping the card active, and don't make a late payment.
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