A new report confirms something that will be unsurprising to most people: Beautiful people earn higher salaries than average-looking and unattractive people. The Daily Mail reports:

Economists James Andreoni and Ragan Petrie wrote: "We find a beauty premium even though beautiful people contribute, on average, no more or less than others. Attractive people make more money than middle attractive people, who in turn make more money than unattractive people."

Why is this, you ask? The assumption is that beautiful people are more cooperative and helpful. They're subconsciously judged on how bosses expect they'll behave, rather than their actual performance. The (good?) news is that when attractive workers start slacking, they're evaluated more harshly than their homely counterparts.

While I've definitely seen attractive people move up the career ladder, I've also seen some of them falter because supervisors assume they're all beauty and no brains. For instance, a good friend of mine is an Ashton Kutcher lookalike—only more handsome—and people are shocked to find out that he's also a brilliant bookworm with a head for business. I'm curious: Do you think that attractiveness helps or hinders you in the workplace?