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When 1 Woman With Down Syndrome Was Rejected From Every Bakery, She Opened Up Her Own Shop

Collette Divitto's passion for cookies runs deep. The 26-year-old Boston resident, who was born with Down syndrome, has been crafting her own mouthwatering recipes for the past six years. Her specialty? The aptly dubbed "Amazing Cookie" — a chocolate chip treat coated in cinnamon. Sounds pretty darn amazing, if you ask us.

When Collette began applying for jobs at local bakeries in Boston, it didn't go quite as planned; she was constantly turned down and told that she "had great skills but was not a good fit," according to her personal website. But the passionate baker didn't let a little rejection get in the way of her dreams. She decided to start her own cookie-making business, Collettey's Cookies.

Shortly after jumpstarting her business, Collette was inundated with orders from all over the country. She received more than 50,000 requests for the 2016 holiday season, not to mention the plethora of letters expressing their praise for her delicious cookies and inspiring story.


Since her story spread like wildfire on media outlets like CBS News and Fox News, Collette has really revved up production of her sweet treats. She's buying her ingredients in bulk and recently moved into a new facility to continue her baking. But it doesn't stop there. Aside from her desire to prove that she's able to run her own business, Collette's ultimate goal is to open up a warehouse to increase distribution across the States and employ other people with disabilities.

Want to support Collette's dreams of empowering other disabled people? Be sure to check out her Go Fund Me page to help her continue being the unstoppable boss she really is.

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