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The Presidential Inauguration Is Brought to You by . . .

In 2005, President Bush used $42.8 million from corporate sponsors to fund his inauguration. With only $9.74 million of public money at his disposal, and rules against using money left over from the general election for transition, President-elect Obama must renew fundraising efforts for his January 20th move-in date.

Obama is having a tough time avoiding corporate money, according to CNN. Since many of Obama's everyday American supporters struggle to get by, it's hard to ask them to donate to the transition cause now that their candidate already won. In contrast, wealthy corporations looking to get in good with the new President eagerly offer contributions. Ultimately, Obama may accept corporate cash, but with new and tighter restrictions.

Would you give to the Obama inauguration effort if you knew it would diminish corporate influence, or should the new President stay within the relatively meager public budget (if that's even possible)?


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