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Dear Sugar
My sister in law got married over two years ago and my husband and I never gave her a gift. We are both so guilt-ridden about it however, at the time of her wedding, my husband and I were struggling financially and simply could not afford a nice present for them.

To make matters worse, I had to cancel attending her bridal shower at the last minute due to work and I wasn't able to attend her baby shower either. My sister in law is now pregnant with her second child and finally my husband and I are in a better financial position.

We would really like to try to make up for not being a part of the past important times in her life. She and her husband have always been very supportive and understanding of our financial struggles and I would like to send them a gift letting them know how sorry we are. Do you have any suggestions? Making It Count Mona

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Dear Making It Count Mona
Congratulations on finally getting out of the red. Weddings can be very expensive and when you add baby showers to the mix, the bills keep rising. From the sounds of it, your sister in law was very understanding of your financial struggle. I would bet she feels no resentment and is not keeping tally of her missed gifts.

I don't think it is necessary to purchase wedding or baby gifts this late in the game, although you are very thoughtful to want to make it up to them. Since the holidays are approaching, you could use this opportunity to get them a nice gift, but I am sure your sister in law would not want you to go overboard.

Since you were not able to attend some of her special festivities, perhaps you should treat her to a day together at the spa, or a fun lunch together, anything that will allow you to be together. If you want to give them a material gift, perhaps a nice vase or a picture frame to match their decor would be both thoughtful and practical.

Red Envelope is a great online source for amazing and reasonably priced gift ideas. Sending flowers with a meaningful note is also always well received. No matter what you do, I am sure your thoughtfulness will come through.

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