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Big Spender is a debt rescue show that's similar to Maxed Out, but the host is a man named Larry Winget who has a hardcore attitude and wears humorous western meets Tommy Bahama shirts.

The first episode I watched was about Cassandra, a woman with a lip-gloss business and $150,000 in debt. It's a shocking number that became more understandable when I learned about her ridiculous spending habits. She earned a very small
monthly income and was spending way beyond her means, about $4,200 a month that she didn't have!

Each month, she was spending $390 on personal care, $590 on clothes and shoes and $660 eating out! These numbers all seem kind of insane to me, especially the $390 every four weeks on personal care. Those manicures better have come with miracles!

How does your monthly spending measure up to Cassandra's? If you're not already tracking your spending, this is a good time to start. It will show you exactly where your money is really going, and help you determine where you want your money to go.

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