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Work Mood Booster: Buy a Desk Plant

The workplace is more stressful than ever lately, and it's important to maintain a sense of well-being during tumultuous times so that we stay healthy and don't let stress take over our ability to enjoy life.

Instead of packing up your belongings in preparation for a possible pink slip, make yourself even more at home by bringing in a plant for your desk. According to a recent study by HortScience, the presence of something green will do more than take up space: it can actually improve your quality of life at the office, which is definitely something most of us could use.

Tina Marie Cade, the study's co-author, says a bouquet of flowers has the same mood-boosting effects as a potted plant. Stop by your local farmers market for an inexpensive arrangement or hit up the flower shop to choose your green desk mascot. You may just find work is a little more pleasant with this small addition, and it's the perfect way to celebrate Spring.


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