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OnSugar Blog: Budget-Friendly Dates

Don't let the blah economy get you down! Read brittanysherrell's ideas for budget-friendly dates on her blog, The Fitness Princess.

This current economy has been hard on everyone. Everyone is tight-fisted when it comes to their finances. However, we all want to be able to live and enjoy every aspect of our lives. I've personally heard people complain about the recession making it so hard to date because everything costs so much money. What used to be dinner and a movie has been reduced to dinner OR a movie.

For those of you who feel that way, my advice to you is to get creative with your dates! Here's a list of my top five budget-friendly dates . . . (guaranteed to impress your guy because he doesn't have to spend all his money!)


1. Movie night . . . at home — I think this is the most romantic. Light some candles (save on that electric bill), pop in a good movie and get under a warm, fuzzy blanket with healthy snacks (I like Pirate's booty, Stacy's cinnamon sugar pita chips, chocolate covered pretzels and trail mix). The best thing about this — other than the fact that it's absolutely free — is that there's no cell phones ringing, babies crying, over-priced fattening snacks and people you don't know hogging the armrest.

For more great tips, read on.

2. Dinner for 2, by 2 — Cook together! This is so much fun. This helps you to connect mentally as you prepare a four course meal for you both to enjoy.

3. Take a walk — Never underestimate the good old "walk on the beach" or "walk in the park." This is a great time to just talk. You can talk about your goals, dreams, ambitions and wishes. A good long walk is very intimate and healthy for you as well.

4. Work Out — But not in a gym. Take your date to a kickboxing gym, or a rock-climbing wall. To add some friendly competition, place romantic bets like "loser has to give a backrub." You might want to win . . . or lose in this situation. lol.

5. Go on a day date — Take a walk through the farmer's market or another community event. Sample the food and take in all the free entertainment.

So, you see, you can have all the romance in a date without breaking the bank . . . it just takes some creativity. Happy dating!

To read other great tips, visit The Fitness Princess blog. You can start your own OnSugar blog for a chance to be featured on the PopSugar Network.

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