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Career Quiz

What Career Are You Truly Meant For?

All of us want to be actresses and astronauts when we're kids, but as we head toward adulthood, it all changes. Some of you may continue on to pursue your childhood dreams, but others may be left floundering. If you're unsure of what you want to be or even if you're looking to jump careers, take our quiz to find out what your true calling is.

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What would you enjoy doing the most during your spare time?

Making something with my hands.
Playing computer games.
Working on a side passion project.
Attending a musical.
Volunteering at an animal shelter.
Reading a book.

What's the most important part of a job?

Following my calling
A challenge
Ability to be creative
Making a difference

Pick a hit TV show.

In high school, you were the:

Class president

Pick a children's book.

What are your biggest weaknesses?

Getting too comfortable
Thinking outside the box

What are your biggest strengths?

Detail oriented
Highly creative

Pick a dog.

What's the most important trait in a significant other?

Being able to have fun
Patience and commitment
Chemistry and ambition

When your friend comes to you with a problem, this is what you reply:

"Here's a solution."
"I'll listen."
"I've been there."
"Who do I need to beat up?"
"Life is too short."
"Why do you think you are really upset?"
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