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It's probably safe to assume that some of us have included a little white lie (or two) on the page in a move to build resumes that impress. That's not to say that we're all liars, but certainly small embellishments make their way onto our resumes and cover letters in an effort to paint our career history in the best light. Still, in light of the economic climate over the past couple of years, more and more applicants are lacking career history altogether, or have lapses of time between positions that must be accounted for on resumes and job applications.

Enter, a site its founder describes as a way to "help our subscribers meet the needs of the modern day job market." What services are offered to subscribers to meet these "needs"? Well, it seems nothing is off limits. In fact,'s assistance for job seekers ranges from fake job references to fake employers — complete with the creation of a new company with corresponding contact information, website, logo, even LinkedIn profile. All in all, the site puts together a pretty convincing display of "authenticated" references to help its clients on the search for real employment.

Obviously, there are several ethical issues with the company, but in light of the economic downturn, and millions of jobless Americans, site founder, William Schmidt, argues the enhancements are a huge help to job seekers, who would likely remain unemployed otherwise. What do you think — is this kind of resume booster a smart solution or just totally baffling?

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socalbeachgal socalbeachgal 7 years
Agree that this is ridiculous as well as grounds for being fired.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i don't lie on my resume either to be honest, i have the qualifications and experience to do the job i do and and it's not in my best interest to move up before i'm ready - you set yourself up to fail this is absolutely ridiculous...and seems like it would be illegal in many cases
syako syako 7 years
Didn't we already discuss this before??
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 7 years
I guess I'm abnormal, but I've never lied on my resume or a cover letter or in a job interview. I don't see the point in embellishing. I want know what I'm getting into with a job without sugar coating and I would think that employers would appreciate the same respect.
Vampyre Vampyre 7 years
Here in Australia lying on a resume is enough to get you fired if you get the job. And depending on what kind of contract you sign, it can also be illegal. So faking anything on your resume just isn't worth it.
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