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Carrie Underwood: I'd Quit My Job If My Husband Told Me To

Carrie Underwood: I'd Quit My Job If My Husband Told Me To

We are proud to present this post from our friends over at Yahoo! Shine:

Country music superstar Carrie Underwood has discovered the secret to a happy marriage, and it's kind of retro: Look hot, have date nights, and let your her husband call the shots.

Sheryl Sandberg, avert your eyes: Underwood, a six-time Grammy Award winner, says she would totally "lean out" of her career if her husband, professional ice hockey player Mike Fisher, wanted her to.

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"If Mike ever told me he needed me to quit, I'd quit," she tells People magazine this week. "When you make that promise to somebody, and you stand before God and your family and friends, you've got to do everything that you possibly can to make that work."


Read on to find out more.

It's easy to make a sweeping statement like that when a.) you're independently wealthy and b.) it's unlikely that your husband would ever ask you to give up your very lucrative and successful career just because he wants you to hang out with him at the rink. Plus, given the amount of time Fisher, 32, spends on the road playing hockey and Underwood, 30, spends on the road while on tour, some downtime might be a very welcome thing. Still, while Underwood says she's willing to cut short her career if it makes their marriage stronger, it's unclear whether the idea works both ways. Would Fisher would consider leaving the Nashville Predators hockey team to spend more time with his wife? Would she ever ask him to? (Though we do think it's sweet that he left the Ottawa Senators and moved to Nashville, presumably to be with his country star.)

The couple will celebrate their third wedding anniversary in July, and their crazy professional schedules mean that they spend a lot of time apart. Right now, Underwood told People magazine that they make their marriage work by socializing at home with friends, sending lots of text messages, and having date night at Subway. Yes, Subway.

"We called it 'our place' when we were first dating!" Underwood says.

Looking pretty (without help from a professional hair and makeup team) is also part of her plan to keep her marriage strong. "Even when he's like, 'I'm so out of shape,' he still has a six-pack," she says of her husband. "Having Mike there -- I want to be a hot wife!"

What do you think? Would you quit your job because your husband said he "needed" you to?

– Lylah M. Alphonse

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