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Telecommuting is gaining popularity during the recession, and while many of you say you'd jump at the chance to work from home, some of you pointed out that you'd miss the camaraderie that comes with an office environment.

NYC friends and roommates Amit Gupta and Luke Crawford felt the same way when they began working from home, so they started Jelly as a solution. Read on to find out what it means to Jelly.

Amit and Luke describe Jelly as "casual co-working," and here’s how it works: An organizer chooses a Jelly date and location, which can be anywhere from someone's apartment to a coffee shop, as long as it has free WiFi. Attendees bring their laptops and/or something to work on, and everyone works together but separately, bouncing ideas off each other as needed. Jellys are currently happening all over the country and take place every couple weeks or so.

On one hand, Jellys might be an ingenious solution to the isolating nature of working from home. On the other hand, it might be distracting to share a space with people who are all working on completely different projects, and in different fields. What do you think about Jellys — are they brilliant or baffling?

Source: Flickr user Lachian Hardy

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