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Lessons Learned From The Celebrity Apprentice

So, now that the first season of The Celebrity Apprentice has come to an end, are you thinking what I'm thinking — will Omarosa make it back next season?! I enjoyed my Thursday night dates with The Donald and his competitive celebrities, and enough viewers tuned in to the first season that the show was already signed for a second one. Of course, I'm already wondering which celebs will make it to the boardroom. During the finale Marilu said she's telling all of her friends they have to be on the show next season — maybe they'll get another Taxi star like Tony Danza!

One off-air concept connected to the show is Trump University on NBC's website, and it discusses the lessons learned from each week's challenges, which can be applied to your own careers. There are several lessons from each episode, so I've selected the best ones from each week.

  • Episode 1: Think ahead and act early. Even the best idea can't save you if it comes too late.
  • Episode 2: Don't let your leader smother you. Step out, stand up and fight for the responsibilities that let you shine.
  • Episode 3: Listening is more powerful than talking. When you open your ears and your mind, you empower yourself to give people what they want. That's a powerful way to build your success.

There are nine more lessons on the list so just

  • Episode 4: Just let it go. Holding grudges hurts your career, not anyone else's. So take a deep breath and move on.
  • Episode 5: Attacking a colleague's heritage, religion, or race has no place in business. If you break this rule just once, you'll end your career.
  • Episode 6: Step up and show a strong work ethic every day. Over time, it will protect you from harm and advance your position.
  • Episode 7: Leaders let people know how their performance will be judged. Clearly stated expectations build your leadership effectiveness and get results.
  • Episode 8: Keep your professional image spic and span. Any lapse in professionalism can make you vulnerable in times of trouble when people are trying to deflect blame from themselves.
  • Episode 9: Learn from experience. To become successful in the future, you need to absorb and apply the lessons of the past.
  • Episode 10: Sooner or later, lying always gets exposed.
  • Episode 11: Know your track record. Everyone makes mistakes. But don't let one poor performance take you down.
  • Episode 12: Always have an "elevator speech" ready. It's a short, well-rehearsed explanation of your accomplishments and plans. Write one and practice it — it can be critical to your success.

Photo courtesy of NBC.

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