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Celebrity Event Planner Colin Cowie

In His Shoes: Colin Cowie, Event Planner

All of us have a dream job we're secretly harboring. Maybe you're one of the lucky ones who are already living it or maybe you're still dreaming about it. Readers recently shared their dream jobs, which inspired this new Savvy series: In His or Her Shoes.

Life is definitely a party for Colin Cowie. Style guru Cowie is a man of many hats — those of which include interior designer, celebrity event planner, author, and guest writer for YumSugar! Readers neonbee, n00dledancer, and said their dream job was to be an interior designer or party planner, so sit back, relax, and read all about Cowie's exciting life!

SavvySugar: What makes your job a dream job?

Colin Cowie: There is nothing more thrilling, rewarding, or fabulous than making people happy. And to think I get paid well to spend other people's money making other people happy — I can't imagine anything better.


SS: What other dream jobs did you want to do?

CC: I never set out doing what I'm doing now. One step led to another and the dream has come to life. But if I couldn't be doing what I'm doing now I'd definitely be a doctor. I have always been fascinated with medicine, and I think I have the right bedside manner. Other than that, if I had the voice, I would have been a rockstar with a stainless steel guitar!

To find out how Cowie started out his dream job and more, read on!

SS: How did you get into this?

CC: I started as a one man show — chief chef, waiter and bottle washer. I used to wake up at 6 am and go to the flower market, arrange the flowers, do the marketing, then head home to cook the meal. I'd set their table, cork the wines, pour drinks, serve the meal, and do the clean up. And I put 120 percent into everything I do. It's kept me at the top of my field.

SS: What's a typical day like?

CC: They’re never the same except the very start. I wake up, check texts and email messages and head right to the gym by 8 am. Breakfast is eggs, wheat toast, a smoothie, a hand full of vitamins, and no tea or coffee (only water when the sun is up), and then the day begins. If I'm in town then I head right to the office. My days are packed with back-to-back, nonstop with different teams of employees coming one after the other to either start the design process or review production. It's meetings and presentations all day, and I typically finish my last meeting around 6 or 7 pm. Then cocktails and dinner with friends — usually at my place; I love to entertain as you know.

Last year, I spent over 250 days traveling. If I'm out of town the days are filled with site meetings, client lunches, dinners, late night production meetings, sound and lighting checks. My days always start by 8 and ends around midnight even when I'm traveling. There was this one week when I was in seven different cities in five different countries meeting the different Colin Cowie Lifestyle teams and working around the clock.

SS: Where do you get your inspiration from?

CC: I'm inspired by so many things: my travels, my friends, magazines, and always the client. Everyone wants something personal and I love learning about their tastes — likes and dislikes, creating something that reflects their personal style and always exceeding their expectations.

SS: Tell me about your favorite day on the job and why it was great.

CC: My favorite days are always the day of the party or opening of a project. Whether it's a hotel I designed in Hong Kong or a party for 100, the excitement and adrenaline keeps me going. I work 18 hour days back to back and fortunately I have tons of energy and keep on going.

SS: What is the most challenging aspect of your job? What is the most rewarding?

CC: Each event is like live TV with no chance for a retake. It's like hitting the play button with no stop. The caliber of clients I work with expect the very best and I never like starting a conversation with I am sorry. When it all comes together and everything is in sync it's the ultimate high!

Enjoyed Colin Cowie's story? If you want to join in the dream job fun, leave a comment below to name a profession you'd love to be in or to just hear more about. Remember, nothing is out of bounds. Let your imagination run wild!

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