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News to Me: Financial Advice Turned Religious

If you've so much as glanced at the news lately you'd know the economy has been going through rocky times. Some people are seeking financial advice from their church to hold their hands through the tumultuous market ride, and I just learned that thousands of churches around the world have added teaching the gospel of money to their repertoire.

Participants in such church groups say that the bible is packed with information on handling finances and for some it has helped lift the "spiritual burden" of being in debt. A proponent mentioned saving aggressively and giving 10 percent of your income to the church as basic fundamentals found in the bible. Critics say that the bible is being trivialized by these "finance ministers."

What do I say? Whatever gets people through troubled times, more power to you, but when it comes to handling money I'm wary of the emphasis on giving so much to the church. We should try to give what we can to charities of our choice, but it just makes me uncomfortable that giving 10 percent is mentioned as part of an overall financial plan. What do you say?


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