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Co-Workers Annoying Habits

Your Two Cents: What's the Most Annoying Co-Worker Quality?

The longer you're working with the same people and as you get to know your co-workers, certain traits will surely rear their irritating-to-no-end heads. Little habits that have nothing to do with work performance can really get under your skin — and even keep you from fully focusing on your own work. We manage to deal with them because unfortunately, we have to earn our paychecks and they're technically not doing anything wrong. And unless there's some kind of real sanitary issue that can be brought to the attention of human resources, your co-workers annoying habits are there to stay. What gets under your skin the most?


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Hershelle Hershelle 7 years
Co-worker constantly taps foot or feet, taps on desks, etc. (even in meetings). To make matters worse the other co-workers (including 2 new hires) started doing it also, even the supervisor. They don’t realize how distracting this is; it tears my nerves up! I want to try noise reduction headphones but they I may not be able to hear my supervisor when he calls for me, etc.
cutesy11 cutesy11 9 years
Do you guys think it's rude to use headphones at the office?
sophia_HL sophia_HL 9 years
In my current job, the girl that is training me is so crazy. Some days she is really nice, but other days, she goes b-zerk on me if I do any little thing wrong. I'd prefer to be on good terms with her, but its getting really hard!!
emmy-doo emmy-doo 9 years
In general, noisy eaters are absolutely hands-down and without question the most miserable people to be around. For god's sake, close your mouth. Fortunately, I don't work with any of those, so the next is the woman behind me who speaks in baby-talk. AAAAARGH!
MeggyPoodles MeggyPoodles 9 years
I am a student worker at my college and one of the women that works in the office is so frustrating! She is the passive aggressive type who constantly interjects little annoying comments in passing. Like, I'll be eating my lunch and she'll say "eating again?" as she walks by, or she'll comment on my outfit "nice jeans" sarcastically, or "interesting shoes . . . " sooo annoying! She does it to everyone, she is constantly trying to argue and stir things up, but then plays it off like shes being lighthearted. i hate it!
cents4dollars cents4dollars 9 years
coming in late and leaving early! 8 hours means 8 hours.. no less.
Frenched Frenched 9 years
Ugh, YES: I absolutely despise the fingernail-clippers. It just grosses me out and the little clipping noises drive me insane. And although it's not a big deal and there's nothing wrong with wanting to keep your belongings safe, I have this co-worker who constantly seems to lock and unlock her drawers for any little thing. That little noise just drives me mad sometimes. I've also had to deal with the eavesdroppers and the people who just put in their two cents out of nowhere. I also have co-workers who sort of take credit for my ideas and who have a sense of entitlement and superiority, are bossy and don't let other people shine. On top of all that, I have a co-worker who is obsessed with e-mailing 24/7. She doesn't affect me as much because I try not to reply to her messages, but she's already gotten ahold of my sister (who works with me) and she just can't stop e-mailing her for every little thing, IN and OUT of work. If she doesn't reply, she'll even TEXT MESSAGE her plenty of times telling her, "Hey, I've sent you a couple of e-mails!" It's pretty terrible.
vmruby vmruby 9 years
the gossipers/sh#t starters and the suck ups....
tweet-hotpants tweet-hotpants 9 years
I second the fingernail clipping. that is so disgusting. and the speaker phone thing too- if you have a door, close it when you're on speaker!
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Non-flushers, gum chompers, and noisy eaters are among my least favorite kinds of coworkers.
ashpie86 ashpie86 9 years
There's a man in my office who likes to sit at his desk and clip his fingernails. I'm sorry, but do your grooming AT HOME. Also, there's a lady that feels the need to share absolutely every detail of her life, and her family. I mean EVERY DETAIL. There's more, but I won't go into it. It's a good thing I have my friends here or I would go insane!!!
K-is-for K-is-for 9 years
People who leave little scraps of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. What the hell! WHY?? Oh and people who have to interrupt an important conversation to put in their two cents. And she NEVER has anything important or relevant to say! UGH.
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
The gossiping gets to me. And the super-OCD habits of some of the accountants make my eye twitch sometimes. "Don't put that there. I can't think if I can see there's other work to do". Oh, goodness.
Ryot Ryot 9 years
Constantly backstabbing others to make themselves look more competent and valuable than they are. Any kind of two-faced-ness. Making problems out to be bigger than they are. Whining and complaining rather than digging in and getting the work done. Playing music without headphones. Thankfully, I like everyone at my current job. ;)
RaCheer RaCheer 9 years
The guy who sits behind me is constantly dropping the 'F' bomb!!! I'm no angel but when it's every other word...uggg. And to think he has a little girl at home! I'm sure he never slips up around her...RIIIIIGHT!
MindayH MindayH 9 years
Sending out emails without spell checking first.
skigurl skigurl 9 years
i agree with so many of these! i hear the woman behind me spraying hairspray all the time in her cubicle, and she often uses smelly cleaning products to clean her desk...and it gives me a major headache every time! she is the same person who talks on the phone to her various family members for at least 5 of the 8 hours we're at work .. within a week of working here, i hadn't even SEEN this person but yet i knew the name and personal details about every member of her family .. i know she talks babytalk to her grandchildren on the phone, and i know she pits one daughter against the other, and i have begun to feel bad that she manipulates and guilt trips her daughter in law constantly! finally, the smoke breaks kills me! a few times a day is fine, but if i took six 15-minute breaks daily, i'd be in big trouble! but apparantly smokers have different rights?
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
I havent worked in a shitty environment for a couple years now so I've almost forgotten what it can be like but I would have to second the hygiene issues. My boss wears the same outfit every day all week long, and sometimes longer (not joking or exaggerating here) and he smells really bad. Desperately wish he'd take the hygiene level up a notch. :(
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
Gossiping and talking behind other coworkers' backs. It's pretty obnoxious when someone else asks you about something that you only told one (other) person in confidence. Talk about your own lives with each other and if you have nothing to say there, go out and get a life of your own. It also annoys me when people just don't do their job or they do it half-assed. Especially if people can't get their work done until you get your work done right.
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
Thinking that they work in a single-person office and doing everything they would when they were alone such as playing music with no headphones, chomping on their food, slurping their drink, talking while I am on the phone with a client, yada, yada, yada!
bengalspice bengalspice 9 years
coughing like a radiator burping like an animal constant talking about dumb stuff making fun of people not answering their phone like a professional
saraswords saraswords 9 years
I think fidgeters are the worst. (Read those that tap their foot or their pens, pencils, and mouse on top of their desk in time to whatever music they're listening to through their headphones) I don't think these are as bad, but they're still up there: - loud talkers - groomers (read those that clip their fingernails at their desk... gross me out!)
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