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Commuters' Quality of Life Going Down the Pump

Commuters' Quality of Life Going Down the Pump

In what seems like a counterproductive way of living, workers are funneling more money from their paychecks into their gas tanks so they can get to and from the office.

CareerBuilder asked commuters to identify the ways they have modified their spending habits to afford a full tank of gas, and surveying the answers makes one thing clear: Americans, and especially commuters, have a reduced quality of life because of expensive fuel. It seems dining out is the first thing to go for most of the respondents; below are the ways people are making it work when they have to drive to work. Has the cost of commuting taken a toll on your quality of life?

  • Eating out less — 35 percent
  • Spending less on entertainment — 31 percent
  • Buying less expensive groceries — 27 percent
  • Shopping for clothes less — 24 percent
  • Not going on vacation — 21 percent
  • Eliminating cable, magazine subscriptions, etc. — 11 percent
  • Not attending a function where they would be expected to bring a gift — 9 percent
  • Cutting back on their child's extracurricular activities — 4 percent


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