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9 Credit Cards With Seriously Sweet Rewards

Wether you're a football fan or a big-time traveler, LearnVest has the credit card that's perfect for you.

In some ways, credit cards can mirror our love lives. Many of us have love-hate relationships with our beloved plastic: We love the convenience of insta-swiping, but we hate the interest rates.

Some of us have racked up debt with so many lenders that we can’t get any of them to commit to us, while other financial hotties have such coveted credit scores that they get courted with no-approval-necessary offers.


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And, now, credit card companies are taking a cue from the dating world by offering the perfect rewards "match" for your individual needs — like a card that contributes toward your retirement and even one that could score football fans pregame sidelines access.

To see what card is right for you, click here.

The Card That Contributes Toward College: Upromise World MasterCard by Sallie Mae

The Perk Cardholders get up to 5 percent cash back with eligible online purchases, which can be applied in one of three ways — it can be deposited into a 529 College Savings Plan or a Sallie Mae High-Yield Savings Account, put toward an existing Sallie Mae college loan, or redeemed for checks of $10 or more per quarter to cover college costs.
The Caveat There's a 0 percent low introductory rate for 12 months — after which it can skyrocket up to 20.99 percent. (Upromise World MasterCard by Sallie Mae)

The Card That Pays the Mortgage: Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card

The Perk For every $2,500 that cardholders spend, a rebate is paid in $25 increments toward their Wells Fargo home mortgage.
The Caveat $25 on $2,500 isn’t exactly an epic return on your investment . . . but it’s better than nothing! (Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card)

The Card That Saves the Planet: World Wildlife Fund Credit Card

The Perk For each new credit card that's opened, the World Wildlife Fund receives $100. After that, Bank of America contributes $0.25 for every $100 swiped.
The Caveat The card also offers a slew of cash-back rewards, including 2 percent on groceries and 3 percent on gas purchases — but the gas-grocery reward only applies to the first $1,500 combined purchase . . . and then it goes down to 1 percent. (World Wildlife Fund Credit Card)

The Card That Goes the Distance: PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express Card

The Perk Spend $2,500 in the first three months, and you get $200 toward a round-trip airline ticket. Other globetrotter benefits include roadside assistance and worldwide rental car insurance.
The Caveat The 9.99 percent introductory rate for purchases and cash advances isn’t exactly low — and neither is the 4.99 percent promotional rate for balance transfers. (PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express Card)

The Card That Boosts an IRA: Fidelity Retirement Card

The Perk For every $2,500 spent, cardholders earn 5,000 points, which can be automatically redeemed for a $50 contribution to a Fidelity retirement account — and there’s no limit to the rewards that can be earned.
The Caveat Only people with good to excellent credit scores need apply. (Fidelity Retirement Awards American Express Card)

The Card That's All About the Magic Kingdom: Disney Premier Visa Card

The Perk Purchases add up to unlimited reward dollars at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and more — plus a private meet-and-greet with amusement-park mascots.
The Caveat While other cards offer low introductory rates and no-annual-fee promotions, this card has a $49 yearly fee. (Disney Premier Visa Card)

The Card That Saves Lives: Susan G. Komen Pink Ribbon Credit Card

The Perk 
From February 2012 to May 2015, Bank of America is guaranteeing a minimum $1,000,000 donation to Susan G. Komen. For each new account opened, the organization receives at least $3 and up to 0.20 percent of all purchases made with the card. (For example, that translates into 20 cents for every $100.)
The Caveat In order to take full advantage of customer rewards, including a $100-plus-10 percent bonus after qualifying transaction(s), you need to bank with Bank of America. (Susan G. Komen Pink Ribbon Credit Card)

The Card That Roots for the Home Team: Extra Points Credit Card for NFL Fans

The Perk 
Rewards start at 1,500 points — and card members get 10,000 bonus points for their initial purchase. From there, you can earn up to two points for every dollar spent on NFL and team purchases, redeemable for live-action experiences — like two regular season game tickets or pregame sidelines passes (both 25,000 points) — a team jersey (12,000 points) or an gift card (3,500 points).
The Caveat In order to earn the two-points-a-dollar reward, purchases must be made through the NFL or DirectTV. (Extra Points Credit Card for NFL Fans)

The Card That's a Fit for Foodies: Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card

The Perk Use this card for the first time (and for any dollar-amount purchase) and receive a $25 Williams-Sonoma gift card. Members also get free online shipping and access to a 24/7 custom concierge to assist with dining and travel reservations.
The Caveat There's no introductory offer, but there is a minimum APR that ranges from 13.74 percent to 21.74 percent. (Williams-Sonoma Visa Signature Card)

—Penny Wrenn

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