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When it comes in the form of credit cards, plastic is dramatic. There are always consumers in the news discussing how they've been mistreated by a credit card carrier, and there seems to be an endless stream of hidden policies that rear their harmful heads when customers least expect it.

Take the case of Paul Smith (not of kitschy designing fame), a San Diego resident who was alarmed when his credit card limit was recently reduced from $7,000 to $1,400. Smith's credit score is 751 and he couldn't think of a reason why the company would take such rash action, so he called the carrier (HSBC) to get some answers.

A representative told Smith the action was "due in part to the financial situation in California. Also in Nevada, Florida and Arizona." If credit cards aren't all about personal finances, the credit cards sure are full of surprises.

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bellaressa bellaressa 7 years
This is crazy, a friend of mine works for HSBC and she was telling me how people call in b/c they don't know their credit limit is slashed until they go and buy something. This is also a great way they rack in fees for people at the credit limit.
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