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DEARSUGAR NEEDS YOUR HELP: Did The Waiter Take Advantage Of Us?

DEARSUGAR and Pushover Paula need your help. A greedy waiter took advantage of us. Should I complain about it to the manager of the restaurant or just let it go?

Dear Sugar
On Saturday night, a group of six of us went out for dinner for my wife's birthday. It was a new restaurant for all of us and the menu was rather exotic. We gave the waiter carte blanche to choose our menu after pointing out our likes and dislikes.

The food was excellent, but about three quarters of the way through we were all really full. We politely asked our waiter to cancel the remainder of our order, but when he returned from the kitchen, he said that the last two dishes had already been prepared.

After completely stuffing ourselves, we got the bill and it was simply outrageous. I feel that he took advantage of us without consulting us on the amount of food he chose. Do you think I should take this as a lesson learned and order for myself from now on, or call the restaurant manager and talk with him about this matter? Pushover Paula

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