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DEARSUGAR and Pay Us Paige need your help. An employer is not permitted to withhold money from an employee, but if they get into a legal battle, they will wind up using the majority of the money on lawyer's fees. What advice can you give her and her husband so they can successfully receive the money that he's worked for?

Dear Sugar
I don't know what to do. My husband's brother's boss will not pay him for 150 hours that he's worked. He helped out on a construction site doing brick masonry work for three and a half weeks. He showed up on time everyday, he didn't ever get into any trouble and he always helped out when needed. He's a good man and this is really bringing him down.

We don't have a lot of extra money lying around and we were really counting on this check to pay our bills last month. It's been six weeks and still no check. Not only that, we've left a message each week with the boss's assistant and he hasn't called returned a single call. What can I do to collect the wages? Pay Us Paige

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Orientexp Orientexp 10 years
Was he working under the table?
CortneyLynn CortneyLynn 10 years
In general (and this does vary by state so check first before doing anything!) if the amount owed is less than $5000 the lawsuit belongs in small claims court anyway. The good news about that is (1) small claims court doesn't allow attorneys to represent the claimants; (2) the filing fees are less expensive than in regular court; and (3) it typically takes less time to get a matter resolved. Often a Small Claims division of the court will have a hotline you can call to ask advice on filing your claim. If he's a member of a Union, typically the Union's attorneys can help him recover his wages, or at the very least can give you some good, specific advice. If the Union isn't an option, contact your local Legal Aid office. Legal Aid clinics typically offer advice and counsel people below a certain income level, at no cost. Good Luck!
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Definetly get in touch with the Better Business Bureua(sp) and the labor department! Thats about as much as can be done with out legal fees. GL I know what u are going thru cept its our current employeer and they just screw up the checks every week. GL!!!
cubadog cubadog 10 years
The very first thing your husband needs to do is contact the labor board in your state usually they are connected to the unemployment office. He will need to file a claim against the company in order to receive his compensation.
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