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DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: Spoiled Rotten By My BF's Folks

DEARSUGAR Needs Your Help: Spoiled Rotten By My BF's Folks

DEARSUGAR and Grateful Gila need your help. She feels so lucky to be dating a great guy who has parents that treat her to anything and everything, but she's looking for a nice thank you gift that will express her gratitude. Do you have any ideas for her?

Dear Sugar
My boyfriend's family is incredible. They are the nicest people and have such a warm family environment. They also have tons of money, not in the flashy way, more in an understated and humble way.

They treat me like one of their own and they always insist on taking me on amazing vacations, wonderful dinners, weekends away and they pay for EVERYTHING! My parents raised me to believe that if someone pays you a favor, then you are supposed to pay them back ten-fold (not necessarily in a financial way, but more in an appreciative way.)

I feel horrible that I can't show them the level of generosity that they show me. I obviously can't compete with their finances, so I have been wracking my brain trying to think of something special and thoughtful to get them as a gesture of my gratitude. Just saying, "thank you" and giving them warm hugs is starting to make me feel a little bit lame already.

I've thought of giving them gift baskets filled with their favorite goodies, but when I hint to my boyfriend about an idea, he tells me they have more than enough of that kind of stuff (I'm sure they do they got 30+ gift baskets for the holidays from clients)! Does anyone have any ideas for affordable gifts that would show them how deeply I care? Grateful Gila

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