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How Do You De-Stress at Work?

I can't exactly unwind with a bubble bath at work, so when I'm feeling a little stressed at my desk, I like to take a few minutes to listen to some music or take a few deep breaths. My friends recommend taking a quick moment to watch some hilarious YouTube clips, and they will often share them with me. I admit, there's nothing like a laugh to relieve my stress. Do you have any savvy ways of preventing yourself from feeling overwhelmed on the job?

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bellakaoru bellakaoru 6 years
I hang out here on the Sugar pages!
stephley stephley 6 years
Slip into the bathroom for some yoga stretches.
MandyWH MandyWH 6 years
Breathing exercises totally work for me! And of course, just getting away from my desk and getting a little distance and perspective on what's going on.
Angelica Angelica 6 years
I use the internet to destress — I'll cruise through the part of my RSS reader that's mostly visual, design sites that make me happy. Then, I'll try and take one moment and focus on why I'm stressed and what to do to fix it. It usually works.
Frenched Frenched 6 years
Oh, looks like I'm the first one here. Teehee. ANYWAY, to de-stress, I usually just STOP what I'm doing ('cause I know I'm not going to be any more efficient working while I'm freaking out) and I just get off my desk and walk anywhere (either outside to get some air and some sunshine, or around the building.) Sometimes I'll just to go the private one-person restroom in the building and stretch and just...breathe in there. Another option is just call up my co-worker and VENT. That helps, too. :)
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