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Dear Poll: Is 2 the new 4?

In a recent story on NPR's "Weekend Edition", affluent, plush mom's are feeling the pressure of keeping up with the Jone's, by having even more kids than the Jone's! In some cities, the trend of having larger families is proving that 4 has become the new 2.

Historically, people have had large families so the kids could help on the farms, or because adults lacked sexual education and birth control, but now, in many cities across the United States, career women choice to stay at home is much more justified if they have more kids to raise. Some are even transferring all of their competitive work place energy to baby making!!

So for all you mom's out there, are you feeling the same kind of pressure? Do you feel the need to keep procreating until you hit the trendy golden number? And for those without a bun in the oven, how many kids do you anticipate having when the time is right for you?


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