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DearSugar and Not Wanting to Seem Selfish Samantha need your help. She and her fiancé need to buy a house, but they don't have the money for it.

Dear Sugar,

My fiancé and I got engaged this past Fall and are having our wedding this Summer. I'm the only daughter my parents have, and they insist on paying for our wedding, which we are so grateful for. We share an apartment now, and as most young couples do, we were planning on saving up all we could this year, then using that plus the money we receive from wedding presents to buy our first house. That plan has kind of backfired, though, because just this week, our landlord told us that he's selling the building, and we have to be out of our apartment by June (a month before our wedding).

As it is right now, we don't have nearly enough money saved to put towards a down payment on a house. We thought we could borrow the money from my fiancé's rich dad, but he said that we're old enough to pay for things ourselves and shouldn't be asking for handouts (he's kind of a selfish jerk). Everyone we talk to says to ask my parents if we can borrow the money and pay them back with gifts from the wedding, but I feel so bad, knowing that they're already shelling out $40,000 for this wedding.

We've thought about staying in our apartment until June, and then moving into another apartment until after the wedding, but it seems really pointless to go through all the trouble of moving to a place when we'll be moving into a house by August. What should we do?

—Not Wanting to Seem Selfish Samantha


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