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Did Becoming a Mom Affect Your Career?

Nobody forgot blond bombshell Gwyneth Paltrow, but when the Oscar winner swapped Hollywood for motherhood — she didn't look back. According to People, the starlet said:

"I really did not know if there would be a place for me," said Paltrow. "Jodie Foster was right, especially if you are a woman and especially if you are not 25. Hollywood is pretty cutthroat, and everybody has a short memory. There is always someone who is younger or hotter or prettier."

And, Tinseltown isn't the only place with a short memory. Most working moms deal with this issue. While they aren't competing with Scarlett Johansson, they are up against coworkers who stay at the office late, arrive early and don't have dependents. Running off to your daughter's recital, son's soccer game or getting caught in carpool doesn't exactly garner boardroom kudos in business environments. Even going on maternity leave can take its toll on a career. To read what happened to one woman,


One woman I know was promised a promotion only to be told, "We can't help you until you've had your baby" after announcing she was pregnant. While Gwyneth made a conscious choice to abandon the red carpet to raise Apple, 4 and Moses, 2, many working moms don't have that financial security. Relying on the income, the mamas are forced to climb back up the corporate ladder once they return.

Has motherhood led to setbacks in your career?


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GlowingMoon GlowingMoon 9 years
I agree with Macneil -- Gwyneth does have a sarcastic classiness. For me, that's what's off-putting about her. It has the opposite affect on me -- I couldn't care less what she does. I have no animosity towards her. I'm just apathetic. I think I pay more attention to celebrities who are less sarcastic.
macneil macneil 9 years
There may be prettier girls (not many) and hotter girls (a few more than not many, but since Gwyneth got hotter, not THAT many), but Gwyneth still has a certain something, a kind of sarcastic classiness. I always want to see what she's doing. I thought Iron Man was drek, though.
anniekim anniekim 9 years
I intended to work part time after baby. This proved impossible on many levels so my career, for now, has changed to SAHM. I like it, though.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
I agree, Skigurl, Gwyneth managed a great comeback! I would say that becoming a mom did affect my career, but not at all in a negative way. I definately had to shift my priorities and focus, but in the process, found a job that suits my new needs - flexible schedule, little (rarely) overtime, and the ability to work from home when I need to! Ironically, I make quite a bit more in my current position than I did in my previous (very unflexible) one! LOL! :-) Still working on getting my own business up and running, but it will happen...eventually!
skigurl skigurl 9 years
i can see gwyneth's concern, but she has managed to hire an amazing stylist and her comeback has been really sensational. she came back with a bang, and reminded everyone she was the same old glamour girl, here to stay, even though she's a mom too! she looks amazing!
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