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Do I Really Need A Travel Agent Anymore?

Dear Sugar
I travel quite often for business and for pleasure. Mostly I book my flights, hotels and car rentals online, but I've heard a travel agent can be just as inexpensive, and you can benefit from their knowledge. What are your thoughts on this? Jet Setter Jennie

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Dear Jet Setter Jennie,
Travel websites are perfect for when you have very specific itineraries and little room for exploration and adventure. If you know what area you need to stay in, you've got a budget and a time restraint then finding things online is a great resource. It will save you time and money.

But if you are going to a new destination for pleasure and you don't know much about the area, then using a travel agent's knowledge and expertise can be extremely helpful. They can often find you great insider rates or upgrades at hotels, package deals for families and feedback on the do's and don'ts of what to pack and experience during your stay.

I especially recommend using a travel agent for an overseas leisure get away. This way you have a U.S. contact who knows your whereabouts and has access to your personal information if necessary. Also, they can give you information regarding travel regulations, immunizations and visa's.

The fees for an agent usually begin at around $30 for a flight. As your needs increase, so does the cost. You can find agencies online or usually in the back of travel periodicals. Bon Voyage!

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nicachica nicachica 10 years
i have to do a lot of travel booking for my boss and DS is right on the mark. i never pay more than $32 for a flight and it saves me about 5 hours of unnecessary work. well worth the investment!
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