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Do You Participate in Office Gossip?

Do You Indulge in Office Gossip?

Indulging in office gossip here and there can be harmless fun, but of course there is always the harmful kind as well — the two sometimes go hand in hand.

Gossip has the power to strengthen relationships and help co-workers communicate better, says a Harvard Business Review study. There are obviously people who disagree with that as evidenced by several companies implementing no-gossip policies.

How about you? Do you indulge in office gossip?

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testadura67 testadura67 5 years
What was funny to me is I was just gossiping with a coworker when I pulled up my newsfeed and this was at the top! In my company, you HAVE to have people you share things with. For instance, one of our employees who works remotely was fired four days ago and it still hasn't been announced. People are still calling for her. She's telling them she has "computer problems" and someone in the office has to handle it. So basically everyone in the office knows, but no one is admitting they know. But how can we do our jobs when we keep expecting this woman to be pulling her part of the weight? If companies were more forthcoming with info, most of the gossip wouldn't need to happen, at least at my office. We don't gossip about our personal lives, we share information so that we can effectively do our jobs.
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