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Does an Employer's 401(k) Plan Factor Into Your Job Search?

A study released yesterday found that American employers have been investing more in their 401(k) plans as a way to help with employee retention and recruitment.

The survey found that 84 percent of executives think a 401(k) plan is "necessary for recruiting and retaining a high-quality work force." As a high-quality job candidate, do you consider an employer's 401(k) plan when job searching?


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lizs lizs 8 years
I'm comfortable enough investing on my own that I don't mind if the plan is bad or nonexistent. The matching is nice when it happens, but for companies like my current one (takes 5 years to vest; 0% vesting years 0-4), the "lost" money from the match most people leave too soon to get is built into their salariess upfront. Upside: I make more now. Downside: I have to choose to save.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
in the past it hasn't played much of a role in the job that i took, but now it's something that i actually ask about in the interview and understand how they match - and when i'm 100% vested and all those questions. it's really interesting to see how things like this become more important 1) as you get older and 2) as the economy starts to tank more and more
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